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Verkäufer: Tuomo Tanttari (2)sehr positive Bewertungen
80200 Joensuu
Verkäufer ist:Privat
Registriert seit: 12/2017
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Pro-Ject / RPM 6.1 modified with Clearaudio Cover (Gebrauchtgerät)

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Produktgruppe:Plattenspieler komplett
Weitere Infos:Pro-Ject Homepage
Optik:guter Zustand
Zubehör:komplett ohne OVP
Alter:- Jahre + - Monate
Serien-Nr: -
Preis: 480,00 EUR

Beschreibung:Now with new pictures. Modified Pro-ject RPM 6.1 turntable here for sale. Very Good Condition. Tonearm wires are now copper litz-type. Henley resonance-removing motor vibration modification kit is installed too and belt is o-ring shape. 9CC Tonearm. ClearAudio cover is included too. No problems with bearing.

Original basic SpeedBox is removed. I listened and listened and got better results with special powerfull 16VAC external stable power supply (with R-Core transformer).

Feets are not original, these are rigid without rubber damping. I think some Pro-Ject turntables rubber feets do not lead the performance to right direction, but the result is uncontrolled and unknown. Here in this case all those obscurities are eliminated. Under the turntable there is special 65mm thick plywood dampening base with cork feets. The idea is to have more mass, and then get more rigid construction. Result is more exact, depeer soundscape, better bass, better clarity, more natural sound, overall better performance in all ways.

What is included is:
- Turntable Pro-Ject RPM 6.1 with 9CC tonearm
- Acessories like bearing oil, needle brush, screw driver etc (in plastic packages) and extra counterweight too
- Clearaudio Cover
- Plywood dampening base with cork feets
- High-power 16VAC power supply with r-core transformer (1st picture right lower corner, more pics thru email)
- Latest addition: Protractor specially for 9CC tonearm, please check again pictures.

Price 480€

I can sell Benz Micro MC20 E2 H cartridge 50€ price too , it will fit perfectly with RMP 6.1 (this cartridge is for sale too separately 80€ price).

Also Oracle Audio silicone damping kit can be included, with RPM6.1 price is 70€ and suitable with middle or heavy weight cartridges (like MC20).

And Mitchell Clamp (which makes great difference compared to original clamp), price with this RPM6.1 20€.

Henley motor kit link:

More pics and information available thru email, please do not hestitate to give questions.

Delivery is fine and packing will be damn good with much suspension material, supports and of course platter removed and packed separately.

Land : Finnland (80200)
Zahlungsmethoden : Barzahlung bei Abholung, Überweisung, Vorkasse (Überw),,
Versandoptionen : Käufer zahlt Versand , Versand International
Angebot gestartet : 11 Mai. 19 / 17:12
Angebot verlängert : 11 Mai. 19 / 17:12
Angebot endet : 10 Jul. 19 / 17:12
Angebots-ID : 1205317953
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