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WOLF VON LANGA auf den Norddeutschen Hifi-Tagen 2022

WOLF VON LANGA auf den Norddeutschen Hifi-Tagen 2022

WVL Premium Loudspeakers
The benefits of the WVL field-coil speakers once heard are extremely difficult to forget. But we work hard to make the best even better. We have tuned several parts within the last few years, and the original crossover has been replaced by a sophisticated bi-amping model with even better slopes. The first commercial model was available already in January 2015, the first successor was available 2017. Impeccably accurate imaging and soundstage. Full-range sound, spot-on timbre, high frequency airiness with fast and tight bass.
At the moment we got some wonderful high gloss prune models and do not want to withhold pictures from you. The SON Limited Prune Gloss looks drop-dead gorgeous! The design is timeless and in the Bauhaus style. Clear lines, no curves, no crooked surfaces, no decoration. Object only. An object of desire. 
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