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--- Diverse / Andere --- Pure Mastering Art XLR/RCA cable


XLR-Kabel (Analog)
--- Diverse / Andere ---
5 Jahre
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1.490,00 €
450,00 €


Most of my private collection of Pure Mastering Art cables is for sale.

No.8 RCA 200 euros (5N copper/teflon)
No.8 XLR 200 euros (5N copper/teflon)
No.10 RCA 260 euros (7N copper/teflon)
No.10 XLR 290 euros (7N copper/teflon)
No.7 RCA 260 euros (7N copper/oil/cotton)
No.7 XLR 290 euros (7N copper/oil/cotton)
No.6 RCA 270 euros (7N copper/teflon/air)
No.6 XLR 300 euros (7N copper/teflon/air)
No.2 RCA 290 euros (5N silver/teflon)
No.2 XLR 330 euros (5N silve/teflon)
No.4 RCA 350 euros (7N silver/oil/cotton)
No.4 XLR 385 euros (7N silver/oil/cotton)
No.1 RCA 380 euros (6N silver/gold/teflon)
No.1 XLR 415 euros (6N silver/gold/teflon)
No.3 RCA 395 euros (8N silver/air/cotton)
No.3 XLR 450 euros (8N silver/air/cotton)

What Is Mastering in Music and Why Is It Important?

Audio mastering is the final step in the music production process. It’s the post-production process of optimizing music and preparing it for music distribution.
The mastering stage involves signal processing with equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, limiting, audio restoration, and other final touches. The purpose of mastering is to make your music sound balanced, cohesive, uniform, professional, and ready for commercial release. Mastering also ensures playback optimization across various speaker systems and media formats .

But mastering and „mastering well“ are two different things.

Mastering is truly an art form: a blend of technology, psychoacoustics, educated ears and musical intuition. In the right hands, the smallest increments of compression or equalization can have a major impact on the entire track. Most mastering engineers are partial to custom or highly-customized signal processing gear: discrete, class A electronics, vacuum tube circuitry, and other components closer to the rarified, top-end audiophile equipment than to professional audio processing gear.
And the choice of the cables themselves has become very important. In the past, it was completely normal to use very cheap CANARE, MOGAMI and some similar professional cables in the process of mastering, which is the most critical point in the whole chain of making music. In the last 10 years the attitude on this issue has changed a lot, only the best examples of cables are chosen, regardless of the price. Because it has been proven that each cable has its own specific signature, and in the process of mastering this is especially important. It is important to know the character of each individual cable in order to properly apply it to the existing mastering chain. If you are mastering archive recordings the choice of cable will be completely different from mastering pop or rock music of a more recent date. These are two completely different approaches. Of course, the choice of mastering processor is terribly important, but in principle it is already known which companies are involved (SPL-Maselec-Weiss-Crane Song-Manley-Neve-Dangereus-Avalon, etc.). The choice of the cables themselves will largely depend on the amount of equalization we will use, as well as on the potential uses of signal compression, spectral expansion, and similar processor interventions . The cables must have a very wide clean flow with distortions at absolute zero, with no artifacts present.
Pure Mastering Art is a special custommade series of cables that are produced for a smooth mastering process. Here the goals are set very high so that a surgically precise mastering process can be ensured. The entire Pure Mastering Art series has 16 different subseries sorted by numbers from 1 to 16, and each series has a slightly different sound signature than the previous one.
These cables use advanced technology with the use of perfectly processed metals with a monocrystal structure (7N silver - gold - copper) in different proportions.

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