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--- Diverse / Andere --- Loudspeakers for tube 2A3, 300B horn, Yuichi, Tractrix


--- Diverse / Andere ---
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With undisguised satisfaction and pleasure I will sell two pairs of speakers.
These are two-way designs. Both designs use a woofer with a diameter of 30cm (12 inches). The speaker has a 3" high-efficiency voice coil, with a ferrite magnet developed with MMSS technology, for high control, linearity and low distortion. Features an impregnated diaphragm.
The midrange speakers are a 1" compression driver in a horn that is properly matched to it. One design uses a polyester diaphragm and the other a mylar diaphragm with a neodymium magnet.
The walls of the speakers consist of two plates of different thicknesses and materials used. The thickness of the walls is 36mm. Columns covered with natural oak veneer lacquered in high gloss.
It is a bass- reflex design with outlets directed to the floor. It comes with steel stands, which are screwed to the cabinet. This gives a very high rigidity to the whole structure.
Soundcare Superspike spikes were used to eliminate vibrations. Vibrapod Isolator was used to isolate the horn in one structure.
The designs have been prepared to work especially with tube amplifiers thanks to their high efficiency and impedance. They already play great with an amplifier on a 2A3 tube.
The crossover consists of good components. The capacitors used are Miflex, Jantzen, Audyn,Mundorf and Soviet military oil-paper capacitors. Jantzen air coils.
The speakers are wired with excellent Belden cable recommended for this type of construction.
Dimensions: width 45cm, depth 38cm, height 110/117cm.
55kg weight 1pc

Basically now the most important thing is the sound.
Each pair of speakers plays a little differently, but all the time moving in the same style. One pair is such a fast sports car, high-performance. The other is an American quiet, stately highway cruiser.
The first thing you notice is the palpable well-saturated sound. This is not the so-called "tube playing". The entire bandwidth is balanced, nothing comes to the fore. The speakers play a strong engaging sound. The speakers play a full, powerful dynamic sound. Space is not drawn with a sharp line. There is a tangibility of three-dimensionality. The sound is big natural. Nothing in the space blends together, the musicians on stage are well depicted and are not blurred, they do not play in one blur. The sound is fast, there are immediate impulses. Low band components are colorful, springy. Low-frequency bursts are well controlled. Bass articulation is very good. Nothing slithers or booms. Low frequency resolution at a very good level. The top of the band nicely illuminated, the sheet metal of the drums adequately sound is shiny. The treble is not harsh, jazzy. It is smooth and saturated. The midrange, or vocals, are intimate, palpable, very well imaged. No harshness or dullness can be heard. The vocals in older recordings by Elvis Presley, Luis Amstrong or Ella Fitzgerald are very good. It is smooth, dynamically the musicians are perfectly laid out in space, great selectivity and naturalness.
Are these speakers the best in the world? Of course not. Are these speakers for everyone? Of course not. Do they have some of the sound coloration with which we usually associate such horn speakers. It is possible that there is something there. I, as a fan of such loudspeakers and such a presentation, do not feel it, but I see a lot of advantages that allow you to get closer to live music.
Here everyone must find out for themselves, so I invite you to listen to them.

Columns practically new, used only mid-high speakers.

!!!!UWARNING!!!! The auction is for one selected pair of speakers only.
Steel stands included.

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