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--- Diverse / Andere --- Paul Pang FC-05 music server + USB cable for free


Streaming Transport
--- Diverse / Andere ---
2 Jahre
komplett mit OVP
Schwarz / Black
6.000,00 €
3.500,00 €


For those in the know: Paul Pang's ultimate server that can compete with the very best resources in the world. I'm the fist owner. New price EUR. 6.000 (Coffee lake with most extensive version with special audiophile internal cabling "gold cables"), now for sale for only EUR. 3.500. The optical and technical condition is like new.

Each component in this music server is clocked separately by extremely accurate OCXO clocks and the server is equipped with an audiophile linear power supply (very quiet). For sale due to downgrading.
The streamer comes with Paul Pang USB cable worth EUR. 500 with separate (2 - separated) conductors for the signal and the power supply. The server is equipped with 2 SSD M2 cards and audiophile shielded memory. I will add this cable for free.

Paul Pang uses one OCXO master clock in his latest version of this music server. This clock is connected to both the input, the output, and the LAN connection. So an OCXO clock on: – USB card – M2 SATA for OS – M2 SATA for music storage – LAN chip This gives you an even lower jitter value than, for example, if you only provide the USB output with an OCXO clock. (which is what most manufacturers and users of an audio PC are already doing).

Besides this ingenious clock principle, Paul Pang uses many more optimizations. For example, its power supply. The more stable your power supply, the better your sound. Stable current ensures a lower noise floor. Sound-wise, this gives you much more peace, a silent "black" background and because you are so quiet, much more resolution, detail, better PRAT (pace - rhythm - attack - timing), and so on. Instead of working with an external linear power supply, Paul Pang chose to power each component separately. For this he uses a 200W toroidal transformer in the FC5. Thanks to separate voltage regulators, each component can be supplied with power separately.
Vibration of the components is another aspect that you can address.

For example, audiophiles use different feet under a component in their setup, or a stable hi-fi rack, or,… These are all ways to absorb or counteract vibrations.
Paul Pang applies this principle to the CPU (the processor) and the GPU (graphics processor). It uses heavy aluminum heat sinks that put pressure on the CPU and GPU. This not only provides anti-vibration, but also creates an EMI shield and provides more cooling. Because: the cooler a processor, the more comfortable it can work.

Paul Pang is currently about the only manufacturer worldwide that also provides audiophile clocking on the LAN connection. As a result, the incoming signal from streaming services or from your NAS is also correctly clocked. This also gives you less jitter, and therefore a more analog and smooth reproduction.

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