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Aitos AITOS LV302 Tube Preamplifier / Vorverstarker + EV802 Mono Block Tube Endstufen Verstarker


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AITOS LV302 Tube Preamplifier / Vorverstarker + EV802 Mono Block Tube Endstufen Verstarker
Fantastic Tube amplifier package - valve / tube Pre Amp + 2 Mono Blocks + Pre Amp Power supply.

The Aitos EV 802 Mono Output Transformer Less Power Amplifier (OTL)
The EV802 is a no-compromise 90 watt OTL mono power amplifier.
After the success of the EV801, continued research combined with customer and listening panel feedback resulted in the production of the EV802

90 Watts mono into 8 Ω
The EV802 model introduced a number of changes:
a closed chassis housing to comply with EU legislation
Circuit upgrades
a soft start to the filament and high voltage feeds to prolong tube and component life
Each mono amplifier has a music power rating of 90 watts into 8 Ω. The EV 802 is powerful enough for most popular speakers, but is an especially good match for e.g. the Quad or Martin Logan electrostatics.

The current model, the EV 802 has a larger power supply with lower internal impedance and improved electrolytic capacitors. This resulted into an even higher resolution and ultimately in a more life-like performance. 

The LV 302, one of the worlds’ best line Pre Amplifiers?
This Aitos tube preamplifier is designed for uncompromised reproduction of all line level sources (CD, DAC, Tuner, Aux). What will you hear? An impressive musicality and a fabulous reproduction of the tiniest details, the spaciousness of an ensemble and the acoustic space around each instrument with a three-dimensional reproduction. 

Whether it is a solo instrument or the complete Count Basie Big Band, chamber music, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at full power, the Mothers of Invention or Miles Davis, one has the feeling of being there. 

The LV 302 has two outputs per channel, e.g. for connecting two stereo power amplifiers or four mono power amplifiers for bi-amping purposes, a subwoofer or a second hi-fi set. Dedicated soft start circuitry ensures a long tube life and protects the power amplifiers and the loudspeakers during the start-up and stop cycles. 

Contrary to common belief the LV 302 sounds better in the reproduction chain between e.g. DAC/CD and power amplifier than the CD/DAC directly driving a power amplifier!

Separate AC power supply
The Aitos LV302 a large power supply for realizing the highest dynamics. The AC power supply has its own housing to avoid hum or noise interfering with the small signals and is connected with an umbilical cord. The LV 403 has several power supplies built into this housing to feed the different amplification stages.
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