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ESS Labs Legendary ESS AMT1A Rare US MODEL collector Beautiful top notch


ESS Labs
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On sale is a real opportunity.

The ESS is considered by audiophiles rightly to be one of the best speakers ever made.

This model was sold in the United States only.
So a chance for you to grab a future collector.
No need to present this model which made the reputation of the brand with the legendary ribbon tweeter of Dr Heil. The tweeter is new . The boomer and midrange beads have been refurbished. So years of musical enjoyment ahead.


Sounds as clear as light. Fast, dynamic, coherent, lively, precise tone, ultra low distortion, never sounds harsh, no matter how loud it is. Better than horns because they have their dynamic impact, but unlike horns, they never sound compressed or shrill. They have a better impact than electrostatic speakers.
They are impressive to look at, and have excellent non-audiophile sound characteristics as they are very realistic and life like. They offer the airy, 3-dimensional sound that many people are looking for and are willing to spend a lot of money to achieve. Unmatched for well recorded breathy vocals (much better than Quad ESL and Magnepan in my humble opinion). Bass has excellent presence. The spectrum is smooth and satisfying. You don't need to play at very high volume to enjoy all the music. Because it's there. Palpable and holographic.
Nothing like modern speakers that only tire you out after half an hour.

I know when we use the word Vintage, we tend to think of old products, of the time when we drove a 404, there were only two TV channels and the phone was fixed to a plug. In audio, on the other hand, the products of a certain era were the fruit of extensive studies and relentless testing to achieve a result that was more than satisfactory for musicians, music lovers and those in search of the famous Grail. When you close your eyes and listen to a well known jazz recording, you are transported to the studio or very close to the stage, and you really don't care if this transducer is as old as you are or even older... The music lives, there is a certain magic, goosebumps often take us and this charm settles down to offer us an unforgettable musical moment.

On the back of the speaker there are settings to adapt the speaker to your taste or to your listening room.

Demo at my place possible.
Shipping thinkable. Ask for rates before.
No PayPal outside the EU.

Swap against high end device possible.

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