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Avid Pulsare II
Avid Avid Pulsare II
Analoge Bandgeräte (Tonband...)
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
3.146,48 €
Neupreis: 6.421,38 €
15.01.2020, 12:54

2-box phono stage, silver, in perfect condition. One year old. Less than 10 hours of use. Original box, ...
Wilson Audio Sasha II Loudspeakers
Wilson Audio Wilson Audio Sasha II Loudspeakers
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
22.177,13 €
Neupreis: 44.360,09 €
15.01.2020, 12:46

Desert Silver. As new condition without scratches or dents. Bought from new in 2017. Less than 220 hours ...
Power Cord VIP M5 [2meter]
Gryphon Power Cord VIP M5 [2meter]
Kabel, Netzleisten + Filter
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
1.380,00 €
Neupreis: 2.274,00 €
07.01.2020, 06:16

Flagship model, as new in original carton. Enhances any brand or type of audio components, has to be ...
VIP Balanced Interconnect [1meter pair]
Gryphon VIP Balanced Interconnect [1meter pair]
XLR-Kabel (Analog)
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
1.500,00 €
Neupreis: 2.514,00 €
07.01.2020, 06:16

Flagship model, as new. Enhances any brand or type of audio components, has to be heard to be believed. ...
GRYPHON Atlantis
Gryphon GRYPHON Atlantis
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
14.200,00 €
Neupreis: 28.800,00 €
03.01.2020, 07:15

GRYPHON Atlantis in Piano Gloss Black. Perfect condition. Original Packing. Supplied by us from new. ...
Audio Analogue Vivace DAC/Preamp
Audio Analogue Audio Analogue Vivace DAC/Preamp
Vorverstärker / Prozessor
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
713,90 €
Neupreis: 1,37 €
03.01.2020, 07:14

Awesome quality DAC with inbuilt optional pre-amp. It lives and breathes music! We have used this Vivace ...
Esoteric ESOTERIC K-03Xs
CD Player
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
7.990,00 €
Neupreis: 14.000,00 €
30.12.2019, 12:31

x Demo. The CD Player/ DAC that redefined the digital domain. No one is more dedicated to digital replay ...
GRYPHON Atilla Integrated Amplifier
Gryphon GRYPHON Atilla Integrated Amplifier
Großbritannien (G4 9LJ)
4.250,00 €
Neupreis: 8.250,00 €
30.12.2019, 12:28

One owner, sold by us from new. As new with remote, gloves, box, manual, etc. 100 watts per channel of ...