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Blue Moon Award für die Cube Audio Bliss C

We are also very proud to announce that the speakers received rare "Blue Moon Award".

Small review spoiler:

"With just one driver, zero filter parts and that simple rectangular cab with no bowed cheeks, narrow spine, sloping top or other geometric snazz, our blissed-out vitamin C will seem somewhat challenged on perceived value. Elsewhere, €6'000/pr buy a lot more stuff. "Get stuffed then" is how the Bliss C might retort if you can't hear the difference. Which is perfectly fair. This a non-mainstream proposition. It's not aimed at your typical pound-for-pound guy who equates quantity with quality. The ideal target customer might live in a nice flat whose listening room size really warrants nothing bigger; where neighbourly peace mandates more modest SPL to deliver the full Monty so that headphones mustn't stand in to enjoy music whenever one wants; where accumulated hifi experience recognizes just what makes this Polish choice so special. And such a twice-around-the-block punter appreciates something else. Whilst to him it ultimately doesn't matter how one gets there as long as one does... Cube Audio have squarely arrived with their own driver."

"What's more, the 'normalized' bit of its award caption shoehorns the salient fact that it required no unusual playmates to behave itself. It sounded admirably linear and balanced inside a 100% solid-state and 'fast' context. If there was such a thing as a widebander's liberation movement, the Bliss C would be one of its most accomplished ambassadors I've yet heard. Are you ready to join the Single's Lib? It won't interfere with your marriage one bit and could actually enhance it. Sometimes smaller is better..."

You can find complete original review :


Bei uns ist die Cube Audio Bliss C seit Juli 2017 in unserer Vorführung !

Wir haben auch die Voxativ Zeth im Vergleich in unserer Vorführung !,

Finanzierung möglich !,

Inzahlungnahme möglich !,

Ein Hörtermin lohnt sich !

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