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About audio-markt

audio-markt is an online platform for high-end interested people. You find detailed information and current news about new products of the industry. In the online market place of audio-markt you can search or offer new and used high-end devices and high-end components.

As a High-End interested you can...

  • inform yourself about current topics in the industry

As a purchaser, you can...

  • search for new and used High-End devices and High-End components and filter them according to extensive criteria
  • observe offers according to your own criteria with the help of the search assistant
  • post a request
  • Contact seller directly
  • Valuate a completed transaction

As a seller, you can...

  • place an offer
  • valuate a completed transaction

As a high-end dealer, you can...

  • place one or more advertisements
  • valuate a completed transaction
  • add your company to the dealer database (free of charge)
  • have your company included in the dealer database with a link to your website and the possibility of regularly placing news
  • place advertisements

As a high-end distributor, you can...

  • have your company added to the sales database
  • place adverts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does an advert fee cost?

Advertisements are 5€ per advertisement for a duration of 8 weeks.

Does it cost anything to reactivate a parked advert?

The advertisement can be parked and re-entered at any time during the 8-week term of the advertisement. So if you park an advertisement that ends in 4 weeks, for example, you can post the advertisement again free of charge within these 4 weeks. Only if you post an expired ad again, the fee will be re-charged.

Does the sale of a device cost a commission in addition to the 5 Euro?

The customer only pays the advertisement fee. There is no commission.

What does "Rate purchase" mean?

audio-markt does not automatically find out if a purchase has taken place. However, if you would like to rate your purchaser or seller, this requires that the purchaser, seller and purchase price are known. The buyer must therefore first confirm the purchase of a device in his user menu.

How can I pay?

You have 3 options to pay an invoice:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal (does not cost you any fees, especially interesting for payments from abroad, more information on www.paypal.com)
  • Direct debit (only within Germany)



To post an ad or rate a transaction, you must be registered.

  • Click on "Register" in the upper menu.
  • Fill in the form and send it to us.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link and click on it
  • You are now registered and logged in. You are ready to go!

Sign in

If you are already registered as a user, all you need to do is to sign in.

  • Click on 'Sign in' in the upper menu
  • Enter your username and password and click 'Sign in'
  • You are now signed in. You are ready to go!

Place an advert

If you are logged in as a registered user, you can place an advertisement:

  • Click on 'advertisement' in the upper menu
  • Fill out the form. In the next step you have the option to add an image
  • You can change or cancel your advertisement at any time
  • You can park and re-post your ad at any time during the 8-week period without having to pay any additional costs
  • After 8 weeks, your ad will automatically no longer be displayed. You will then receive an e-mail informing you that your ad has expired.
  • If you would like to post your advertisement again after the end of the term, you will find the stored data under 'My audio-markt'. The fee is charged again when the advertisement is reinserted.

Profile search

If you are logged in as a registered user, you can use the profile search to search and observe advertisements by your individual search profile:

  • Click on "Market" in the main menu
  • Select the sub-item "Profile search" and click on "Create profile"
  • Now create your profile search
  • Search the advertisements now for suitable offers by clicking on "Search now"
  • If a new advertisement matching your saved search profile is added, you will automatically receive an e-mail. You can also view these e-mails under "My audio-markt"
  • You can delete the profile search at any time

Tip for creating a search profile:

Keep the device name short, e.g. "Virgo" instead of "Virgo III". In this way, you include related search results such as "Virgo 3".

Advert detail view

On the detail view of an advertisement you can

  • put the device on your watch list
  • report a suspected fraud by clicking on the button "Report"
  • send an e-mail to the seller
  • view further advertisements of the buyer or seller
  • view the seller's or buyer's ratings
  • share the ad on Facebook or by email

My audio-markt

If you are logged in as a registered user, you can find the following under 'My audio-markt':

  • Manage your adverts (edit, park, delete or repost). If you click on 'End / park advert' while an advert is running, it will be 'parked'. This means that there are no costs and the data is saved for your next activity. If you want to permanently delete a parked advert, click on 'Delete advert'.
  • Change your user data
  • View and print your invoices
  • Manage your saved profile search
  • View your e-mail inquiries
  • View your observed advertisements
  • Confirm and rate a purchase
  • View your reviews and rate completed purchases


At the end of a completed transaction, we ask you to submit a rating. This allows other users to get an overview of the past transactions of a seller or purchaser.

  • When you are on the home page, click on 'My audio-markt' in the top menu
  • Select the sub-item 'Purchases/Sales'
  • The overview displays the transactions that were involved. You have the option of entering your valuation
  • If you are a buyer it is first required to confirm the new purchase
  • If you are a seller, you must wait until the buyer has confirmed the purchase before you can rate