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audio-markt – online platform and online marketplace

audio-markt was founded in 1999 and is today the leading online marketplace for high-end components in Germany and Europe.

In a dealer database you can search for suitable high-end dealers nationwide and filter with a user-friendly radius search. You will find almost all high-end manufacturers and distributors in a manufacturer and sales database. However, the most popular of all is the market, an online marketplace where new and used high-end devices and components are offered and searched for. Functions that are customized to the needs of the user make it easy to find or offer a specific device.

Use the different cooperations and advertising possibilities of audio-markt.


On average, 100,000 users use audio-markt every month. With daily 120,000 page impression and an average session duration of 6 minutes it is one of the most popular information media for high-end interested. However 4000 users use the radius search for high-end dealers and 7,000 users visit the market daily. audio-markt is also used from foreign countries. There are on the average 5,000 users from the Netherlands, 4,600 from Austria, 4,000 each from Switzerland and France and 3,500 from Italy.

Dealer information

For high-end dealers we offer a number of cooperation possibilities, which we would like to introduce to you.

Place an advertisement at a single rate

Like any user, a dealer can place one or more advertisements. These are usually billed separately. For this a fee of 5 Euro will be charged. The offer remains visible for a maximum of 60 days.

Place an advertisement at a flat rate

Audio-markt offers a flat rate for advertisements to selected dealers. The following fees (plus tax) are charged per month for the placement of advertisements:

New advertisements per month or the total of the advertisements Price net / month
1020 €
2030 €
3040 €
5060 €
7070 €
100100 €
150150 €
200200 €
+ 50+ 50 €

The invoice is created 6 months in advance.

Dealer entry

If you are listed in the audio-markt dealer database, your company will be visible to interested high-end fans in many countries on our dealer page. With a radius search they can find you in our supplier data base from their residence and find useful information. A dealer entry without a link is free of charge.

With a linked dealer entry you are not only easily found by your core customer group, but your potential customer is on your homepage with one click.

In addition, with this rate you can put unlimited daily news online on our homepage and add a picture. These appear both on our starting page, and under the menu point news.

A dealer entry is 25 Euro per month (plus tax). This contains the link to the homepage of the dealer as well as the possibility of setting news including picture online.

Combined rates: flat rate billing for advertisements plus linked dealer entry with the possibility of posting news.

The combination rate is our premium offer. If you book the linked dealer entry with the possibility for the setting of daily news plus the flat rate accounting for the setting of advertisements, we offer a discount of 5,- Euro monthly on the dealer entry (20 Euro instead of 25 Euro/month) plus tax.

Advertise on audio-markt

If you are interested in advertising on audio-markt, please contact us at or by phone at +49 221 / 222 07 56.