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12639 SON - High-End Loudspeaker of the Year

12639 SON - High-End Loudspeaker of the Year WOLF VON LANGA | WVL FIELD COIL LAUTSPRECHER

High-End Loudspeaker of the Year
Wolf von Langa WVL 12639 SON

Welcome to The Absolute Sound’s 2022 Product of the Year Awards, the most exclusive and prestigious of our honors. Here we celebrate the very best components we’ve heard in the previous year.

Quote: Sonically, the WVL 12639 SON belies its modest size (the main enclosure measures just 15.9" x 27.6" x 11.8"), reproducing large-scale music with authority. Dynamics are excellent from top to bottom. With a 94dB sensitivity, the loudspeakers are easy to drive with low-powered (<20Wpc) tube amplifiers. The integration of the two drivers is seamless, with both vocal and instrumental tonal signatures represented to near perfection. A great-sounding and technically innovative speaker that deserves our Product of the Year Award.