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Open days by Danish Audio Design

Open days by Danish Audio Design DAD The White Diamond

Super Super Audio Meting


It is with great pleasure that the Danish Audio Design Team invites you to a SUPER meeting here in Give Denmark.

It will be possible to see and hear something you have definitely never heard before, when you listen to our gear, all the musicians are fully present, it's a totally wild experience as our serious customers say.

You can experience our new prototype of our Integrated Miracle, with a capacity of 8000000 uF and you're not wrong, six million uF, and without a transformer, (fast as a Ferrari:-) when we make something, we finish it, and that goes for everything we make.

The sub filters we make, an example, for the Big Miracle the coil for the bass 29.5 kg for the middle Miracle 19 kg and we could go on and on

We are far from our so-called competitors, we don't want to be part of the high-end industry, that's why customers come from far away by plane just to buy our gear.

We are very proud of that, customers should have the best and at a price you can really call value for money.

So come join us 26-27 April from 10:00 AM here in Give Denmark

REPORT OF INTENTION TO PARTICIPATE:                                                               Tel.: +491736368176 WhattsApp: +36706377701                                                       E-Mail: aleksander@dadbluecat.com

Our address is:

Diagonalvejen 48

7323 Give Denmark

Best wishes for a fantastic weekend on 26-27 April 2024

Danish Audio Design International Team

Med venlig hilsen/best regards

Jan Harbo Jakobsen


Give - Flensburg 130 km

Give - Bremen 400 km

Give - Hamburg 300 km