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...und tatsächlich, mehr Lautsprecher braucht kein Mensch. WVL 23239 CHICAGO.

...und tatsächlich, mehr Lautsprecher braucht kein Mensch. WVL 23239 CHICAGO. WOLF VON LANGA Premium Lautsprecher

WVL 23239 | Wolf von Langa Audio Frame Chicago
3-way Premium Loudspeaker System.

Quote: "After decades of representing and owning various modern and vintage high-end speakers from electrostats to horns, I've never heard such a wide combination of attributes from a single speaker system. Wolf von Langa's Chicago excels where others present obvious compromises. Disappearing as the source of sound, this full-range system presents a live and undistorted performance by combining immediacy with smoothness and delicacy from realistic down to low volume levels. 

The AUDIO FRAME series state-of-the-art technology sets new standards in authentic music playback with high efficiency to match low or high-powered amplifiers with adjustable crossover network. Captivating midrange is generated from state-of-art tribute to Western Electric / Altec's 755 driver. It's unique silk-paper cone unit closes the acoustical gap between the large cone area bass units and adjustable floating air motion transformer for a wide reproduction range. Unlike most high-end manufacturers using off-the-shelf speakers, Wolf von Langa designs and engineers cone drivers with powered field-coil motors. Dual 15" field coil drivers optimised to the Audio Frame series open U-baffle presents superior bass quality."

Listen to and enjoy WOLF VON LANGA Premium Loudspeakers. La Joie de Vivre !

We exhibit at High End Munich:
Atrium 4.2 Room F231c and F231f