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Esoteric Grandioso K1X SE SACD/CD Player Neuheit , bei uns Vorführbereit.


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Wir sind autorisierter Esoteric Fachhändler.
Angeboten wird ein Esoteric Grandioso K1X SE SACD/CD Player neu in ungeöffneter Originalverpackung vom Europäischen Distributor Aqipa mit volle 2 Jahre Garantie.

Esoteric Grandioso K1X SE bei uns in der Vorführung in Kombination mit Esoteric Grandioso F1 Vollverstärker, Grandioso PS1 Power Supply , Grandioso G1X Master Clock, Nordost Valhalla 2 sowie Odin2 Verkabelung und diverse Exklusive Lautsprecher, absolutes Ultra High End, das soll man unbedingt einmal gehört haben, gerne können Sie telefonisch einen Termin zum Probehören in unserem Delta-Hifi Studio vereinbaren, wir würden uns freuen Ihnen diesen Ultra High End SACD/CD Player vorführen zu dürfen.

Two Revolutions – Integrated
Now evolved to the SE version for further sound quality

– VRDS-ATLAS and Master Sound Discrete DAC – now come to fruition in an integrated player that carries the name… Grandioso. * Grandioso (music): grand, majestic or dignified

Since its inception in 1987, Esoteric has been at the forefront of innovation as a high-end audio brand from Japan, continually pushing the boundaries of high quality sound reproduction. The Esoteric brand is known for its outstanding acoustic engineering that has sustained its reputation and prestige, its massive investment without regard to cost, its "museum quality" craftsmanship, and its beautiful designs worthy of music reproduction. "Grandioso" is the top model in each product category that has reached the highest level of quality defined by the brand.

In classical music, a phrase that indicates how a piece of music should be played is called a conception motto. For example, "cantabile" (as if singing), "legato" (smoothly), and so on. A flagship model should have the dignity and stature of a top-of-the-line product. We named it "grandioso" (grand, majestic, dignified), which we likened to the motto of classical music. Grandioso has brought a number of highly original innovations to the world of high-end audio, including the legendary VRDS-ATLAS Super Audio CD transport mechanism, the Master Sound Discrete DAC and the Master Sound Discrete Clock, which consist of unique discrete circuits.

Finally this new SE model is now available with new discrete clock technology and improved analog circuitry in the DAC. We are proud of our brand and always strive for the best sound.
The SE model we are releasing this time reflects every conceivable technological accumulation from the time the original model was launched to the present. Enjoy the enhanced presence, dynamics, and beautifully organic and musical textures of the new SE model.

• Grandioso K1X SE key features  (New features of the SE model are shown with the Grandioso K1X SE icon.)
• VRDS-ATLAS” Super Audio CD transport mechanism
• Master Sound Discrete DAC” – In-house developed FPGA, 64bit/512Fs Delta-Sigma modulator
• Up-graded DAC board with specially selected quality parts including IDM-01Grandioso K1X SE
• ES-Link Analog” current signal transmission output
• Master Sound Discrete Clock for Digital Player” – in-house developed discrete clock module Grandioso K1X SE
• Clock sync function
• Four independent toroidal power supply transformers
• Low-feedback discrete discrete DC regulators
• 76 × EDLC super capacitors (total capacitance: 2,050,000μF=2.05F)
• Semi-floating top panel
• Redesigned pinpoint foot for the Grandioso K1X SE
• For the owners of the K1X a Version up service to K1X SE is also available.

Esoteric komplettes Portfolio auf Bestellung kurzfristig lieferbar.
Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.



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