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Roon LLC Nucleus Plus super clone - new, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD


Roon LLC
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Selling the exact Roon Nucleus+ clone ... only better.

I'm calling it Poor Man’s Nucleus+, as it costs 1/4 of Nucleus+, but the truth is - it has a much better performance than Nucleus+, so even’t though it is a Poor Man’s Nucleus cost-wise, it is certainly a Rich Man’s Nucleus performance-wise.

The server shares the exact same internals from Intel (same Intel part #) and runs Roon ROCK software, but is built of higher quality parts and offers even better performance thanks to faster RAM and faster SSD used.

Like the premium Nucleus+, it has the Intel MotherBoard and Intel mobile i7 CPU - regular, non-plus Nucleus only gets the slower Intel i3 CPU.

It has 2x the memory (16GB) of the premium Nucleus+ to manage even the biggest of libraries and 2x bigger SSD drive (256GB).

The SSD installed is a brand new, super fast Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe drive, which is not only twice as big and 3x more expensive than the budget Transcend SSD used by Roon in the Nucleus Plus, but most importantly - it is also 3x faster. AS SSD read benchamark for Samsung SSD used here is 1139 points, while Transcend from the Nucleus manages only 421 points on the same test (and the older Transcend SSDs was used in Nucleus Plus Rev.A models was even worse - got a trully disapointing 148 points).

Faster SSD, along with RAM memory expanded to 16GB, makes this server operate snappier, with less lag than Nucleus Plus.

Runs the very same Roon ROCK operating system with the latest Roon Core v2.0 installed (with auto updates from Roon etc - everything works just the same as in Nucleus, as this is original Roon software).

The aluminium case offers a perfect thermal stability. During normal native playback (no DSP) and at idle the server is not even warm to the touch (~26'C). While doing CPU intensive tasks it gets only a bit warmer: ~30'C while upsampling to DSD256 and ~36'C while upsampling to DSD512.

Like the Nucleus, the server can be fitted with the additional (second) SSD 2.5" drive for internal storage. Depending on the desired SSD drive size, please add:

1TB Samsung SSD > +€95
2TB Samsung SSD > +€170
4TB Samsung SSD > +€340
8TB Samsung SSD > +€690

I'm installing those at drive cost - Roon charges an eye-watering €400 to have 2TB drive fitted (€600 for 4TB).

The case size is only 25x25x5cm. I put a CD case on top for scale.

The server is just 3 weeks old - I have built it to myself while waiting for my new 'big' server solution - and looks (and is) brand new from every angle. I can warrant it for 24 months, as all the computer parts that I bought to build it carry 24 or 36 months warranty anyway.

All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. You can contact me both via email or on Whats App (my Whats App # is displayed in the right top corner).


Shipping within the EU via UPS ~ 35 EUR with full insurance.

No VAT or duties for EU countries.

Check out my spectacular Audio Markt feedback from the past 18 years with a multiple €20.000-€70.000 items sold each year and buy with confidence !



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