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Tentogra Tentogra WoWo turntable Best Sound 2022 Kuzma arms & cartridge


Plattenspieler komplett
komplett mit OVP
black or silver
13.000,00 €
12.000,00 €
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For those interested, the Tentogra WoWo test has been tested:
We also became a laureate of the Best Sound 2022 competition at the Audio Video Show 2022 according to with my partners -
IDHOS Amplification and DIVINE Acoustic speakers

Tentogra Wowo was designed for a wide range of audiophiles due to its size and affordable price. This is how the smallest of my turntables was created, the third in the series after the Tentogra Oscar and Tentogra Gramy VTA models. The inspiration for this model was simplicity and a reference to vintage turntables, if only because of the quick access to all adjustments. The bases extend so that two 9 "-14" arms can be used. Each of the bases is additionally equipped with a tonearm stabilizer. I used a motor like the one in the Oscar model to drive the platter. Each of the speeds of 33, 45 and 78 RPM is activated by a knob on the front of the turntable. The current speed is indicated by a corresponding LED on the turntable head. The engine is a self-contained object unrelated to the structure so as not to transmit vibrations to the plinth. A battery that is not included in the standard equipment can be used for power supply. Tentogra WoWo arms are offered with Kuzma Stogi S-12 ", Kuzma Stogi 313 REF etc. The Tentogra Wowo platter is made of a weighted POM. The turntable weighs 35 kg without accessories. Wowo is available in two basic colors: black and silver. For veneering we use rubywood (padouk), burlwood (walnut) or many others, and we can also apply colors according to the wishes of our customers.
My fellow audiophiles are very pleased with the excellent sound effects of Tentogra Wowo. Remember that the name Tentogra (The One Who Plays) obliges!
The visual paradigm of the turntable has basically not changed much in over 100 years since the times of Emil Berliner, the creator of the flat gramophone record. Shapes of modern turntables reproduced by manufacturers, referring to the classics, make it very difficult for designers of these devices to create something new for the 21st century. The turntables do not have to be the same or similar. We entered the new millennium 20 years ago. Trends in architecture and art have changed over the centuries, the development of the 21st century technology, including the visual one, made my projects try to keep up with the New Era. Perhaps cosmic.

The turntable is manufactured on an individual order. Can be made according to your color specification.

The Tentogra WoWo offered here is equipped with the Kuzma Stogi S-12 arm and the Kuzma CAR-30 cartridge + Presslift clamp.

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