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Van den Hul The Colibri XGW Stradivarius - new


Tonabnehmer MC
Van den Hul
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We offer for sale a Van Den Hul The Colibri XGW Stradivarius High End MC cartridge, hand built by the Master himself in a beautiful Hawaiian KOA wood body. Bult for the serious analogue music lover. A legendary cartridge that is one of worlds most natural sounding cartridges. The famous Van Den Hul-1S needle on a boron cantilever, 24 k. Gold coils, and top quality parts, make it one of the most popular cartridges when you like to listen to your records without a compromise. The output of 0,38 mV measured at 5.6 sec/cm makes it available for the most common MC phono amplifiers. Advised effective mass of your tone arm 8-14 gram. In case it is a heavier arm, a adjustment is advised. The sound compared to other cartridges, is unbelievably straight and clean open sound, giving it an experience of being present in the studio or the concert hall. The thee dimensional soundstage is so realistic, if you never heard a Van Den Hul top model cartridge before, it will be a “life changing experience”. Set up is easy if you use the basic instructions. Because this is a new never used cartridge, it is advised to burn it in with 1.5 gram tracking force and reduce it then slowly to about 0,3-0,35 gram. Anti-skating max. 0,3 gram.
Of course you may fine tune the system using your ears as a judge. VTA for 9 inch arms may be increased tabour 4 mm and for 12 inch arm 7 mm. But all this fine tuning can be done after minimal 50 hours burning in.
The advantage of every Van Den Hul cartridge in contrary to many other brands, is that service and repair is always available. Every part can be exchanged. So this will be a purchase for many years to come.
Retail this cartridge sells for about 7770 Euro.
We have one to offer for only 2975 Euro.

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