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Van den Hul The Colibri XGW Stradivarius - new


Tonabnehmer MC
Van den Hul
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Why take chances... buy
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Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of audio with this stunning, handcrafted Van Den Hul Colibri XGW Stradivarius cartridge. Crafted for a collector, it's a pristine piece that has never been used. Now available for those who crave the pinnacle of high-end sound.

Legendary Quality: Built with a Koa wood body renowned for its exceptional acoustic properties.
Stradivarius Lacquer: The body is treated with a special Stradivarius lacquer, ensuring unparalleled quality.
Exceptional Performance: With an output of 0.38 mV measured at 5.6 sec/cm, this MC cartridge sets the standard for premium audio.
Premium Components: Every part used is unique and of top-tier quality.
Longevity: The renowned Van Den Hul-1S needle lasts at least 4000 hours, ensuring lasting enjoyment.
Cost-Efficient Maintenance: No expensive replacement offers; easily replaceable at a low cost, providing years of musical pleasure.
Testimonials Speak Volumes: "Unmatched Transparency and Dynamics" - Rediscover the true essence of your record collection. Experience the overwhelming natural sound that sets the Colibri apart from the rest.
Don't take our word for it - explore the rave reviews and put it to the test yourself!

Technical Precision:
Enhanced Adjustability: Includes a mini spirit level for precise fine-tuning and anti-magnetic mounting bolts for stability.
Recommended Compatibility: Ideal for medium to medium-weight tonearms with an effective mass of 8-16 grams.
Break-In Period: Initial tracking force of 1.5 grams, adjustable down to 1.3 grams over time to suit your preference. Anti-skating at approximately 0.3 grams.
Easy Installation: Simple setup and adjustment process for hassle-free use.

Worldwide Shipping:
Convenient Options: Choose between PostNL or a fast courier service for global delivery.
Secure Shipping: Ensuring your Colibri XGW Stradivarius reaches you safely and swiftly, wherever you are in the world.

The advantage of every Van Den Hul cartridge in contrary to many other brands, is that service and repair is always available. Every part can be exchanged. So this will be a purchase for many years to come.

Retail this cartridge sells for about 7770 Euro.
We have one to offer for only 2975 Euro.

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