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The Miracle Speakers

The Miracle Speakers Our thinking way

Danish Audio Design Int ApS

Doesn't do what everyone else does, (far from it) we produce for those who really love music and want something others can't make.

We're famous for making the wildest of the wild, and now we want the average consumer to enjoy our ultimate gear too.

Pictured here is our new Big Miracle speaker with a wild array of devices, 21-inch hi-fi bass goes down to 14 sensitivities for this speaker 98db, it does everything that others can't do as people say.

And our little new Middle Miracle, with a sound that will leave you in awe of this amazing delivery of sound on a new level.

Now's your chance to be considered for such beauties.

and for everyone's information we don't use parts like others we get everything handmade in Denmark just for us

and it's so crazy.

Enjoy the music.

Danish Audio Design International Team