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Marantz MARANTZ CD 17 MK3 KI SIGNATURE - The Best of Ken Ishiwata


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REFERENCE Marantz CD 17 MKIII KI CD player in almost new condition, very few hours used, original box, instruction manual and remote control.

I had a Wadia CD player 861 SE (Special Edition) that cost four times as much as this marantz (€12,500 Euros). When I compared the sound of both, I didn't notice any difference.

So I decided to sell the wadia cd player.

Price New Marantz CD 17 MKIII KI = €3,500.00 Euros.

Technical specifications:

Disc formats: CD
CD Mechanism: VAM1201
Line Output: 2.2V
Frequency Response: 5Hz to 20kHz
Digital Connections: coaxial, optical
Signal to Noise Ratio: 103dB
Dynamic range: 98dB
THD: 0.002%
Channel separation: 100dB
Dimensions: 458 x 83 x 315 mm
Weight: 8.0 kg

KI means that this CD player has been intervened by the genius of Marantz Ken Ishiwata, who is in charge of selecting the best components and making a more accurate tuning for a better sound performance.

Who is Ken Ishiwata?
Ken Ishiwata is probably the most influential personality in today's premium audio industry. Universally acclaimed for his remarkable talent in conceptualizing stunning sound reproduction, his sights and visions are avidly reported by the world's hi-fi press - and avidly consumed by the world's music lovers.

For over 30 years, he has combined his love of music with his conceptual engineering design approach to create unrivaled high-quality audio products.

Ken Ishiwata has been intimately exploring all newly designed Marantz units. Only after approval are they presented to the world so that other music lovers can experience the moment.

discovering protected
Occasionally, a unit comes along that he feels “has more potential”. It then proceeds to optimize the protected. This means more than simply replacing key components with more expensive parts; it involves careful selection and subtle mixing, testing, listening, and testing again. Looking for the ultimate combination. In his words, “Like any musical performance, all musicians must understand and be able to fulfill their role. Just it. Nothing less.' When harmonic unity is achieved, a new KI Signature unity is born.

The Marantz CD-17 MkIII version, according to the publicity leaflet, works with the most advanced digital conversion system - with two Burr-Brown PCM1716 chips, which already include 24-bit delta-sigma DACs and the digital filters that precede them. . A feature of the filters are two signal processing modes. When Sharp Roll-Off is on, the filter accurately transmits the peak signal amplitude but leaves its harmonic vibrations (inevitable in a digital system) intact. And in Slow Roll-Off mode, it cleans them up.

For the rest, the Marantz CD-17 mkIII isn't quite the same fancy device (in a gold or silver finish) as its predecessors. The game engine is Philips VAM-1201. In the output stages, we see HDAM micro-arrays honed into discrete elements. Adjustable optical, coaxial and linear outputs are available. With a sleek remote control, you can control all functions, including adjusting the brightness of the mirror display and toggling the filter or CD-Text display.

The third reincarnation of the Marantz CD-17 (MKIII) gives a bright and flavorful sound. The voices are frank and conveyed with expression, the instrumental palette is harmonious and pure. I can't complain about the resolution in the upper band - some of the detail is formalized, but it still gives a sense of transparent and natural sonic atmosphere. The localization clarity gets better, when you switch to Slow Roll-Off, but with this, due to the worse dynamics in HF, the sound becomes gloomy. The overall sound is superb.

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