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Metaxas Audio Systems IKARUS Integrated Amplifier

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Metaxas Audio Systems
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One of the best amplifiers ever made regardless of price, I'm offering the last of the first product that launched my new collection - the IKARUS. There are actually two on offer, one in neutral [silver]colour and this one in charcoal/red. These are using new ultra-fast and highly rugged power transistors. I've been using them to test equipment as well as at the recent Munich Hi End Show.
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The Sound When the first Metaxas devices came during the 80s, their sound shocked most audiophiles. The Australian construction clearly showed the difference with a look and sound so new and captivating. This new sound, free of any tone colouring, provided the most precise, cleanest sound, yet to be distributed at this price range. Thirty years later, Metaxas still imposes these same standards and philosophies. One has to wish that man will have better ideas to top an already great idea. This sound system composes of nothing but 50W, three analog asymmetrical entries and no remote! It is about crazy, but in a reassuring way. It signifies that man is not ready to concede any compromise in terms of sound quality. At the first listen, one can easily understand how clear and crisp the sounds produced are. If we could have a moment to talk about how great it looks and how low its price is, it would be easy to show you how great this really is. The Ikarus is at the heart of musical performance. This amplifier is one of the most dynamic ever heard, it isn’t debatable. The absence of noise and sonic inertia renders music extraordinarily alive and expressive. Not a single moment passes where we don’t feel passive or even spectator to such an immaculate device. There is no interference between the speaker and our tympanic membranes. Sonic equilibrium is possible thanks to such great electronics like the Spectral DMC20, DMA180, Cello Encore, and Encore 150. The Ikarus is very unsettling, even though it is only 50W, it controls speakers much more masterful and powerful then you would expect. Furthermore, it has fantastic reactivity due to total inertia of the compression, a factor that allows it to sound colossal,…. …which was studied perfectly to master electricity transfer and “grip” the speakers. This allows the Ikarus to sing in all situations, even at full volume, without losing its divine luminosity, without compromising the limpidity of its tonal equilibrium, with leaving even the slightest distortion. It sounds perfectly natural. Along with the omnipresent dynamics, it expresses itself with nuance and precision. The Ikarus gives us the impression of mastering its abilities instantly. As the passing band deploys easily, the speakers leave us with a sound we can’t even hear. But these bass frequencies are expressed easily and with a diabolic force. The bass frequencies are easily distinguished from each other. On the other end of the spectrum. The highs are always crisp, never piercing. It has a thickness and warmth that is irreproducible with any other device. It’s one that the amateurs of high frequencies would not be able to handle.
At the time of publishing, the pure sonic potential of this machine is absolutely incredible. It is unsurpassed by any other device in the market and there is nothing like it. The most impressive part, without contest, of the Ikarus is the rapidity and luminosity of the sound. It carries a lightness so inexplicably powerful. The Ikarus has no match when it comes to capturing sound.

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